Returning to Merlin S01


Remembering the Wonder of it All

Selected episodes:

The Moment of Truth … gives us insight into several relationships.  Merlin’s devoted and loving relationship with his mother, Hunith.  There is the high regard in which he is held by Gwen and Morgana.  And at last, we see Arthur’s unspoken but strong, protective feelings for his servant.  There are several important moments between them, including one in which Merlin is overcome by feelings to confide his secret to Arthur.  We are also introduced to Arthur’s oratorical skills, a portent of his ability to move and inspire people to act … a glimpse into a future king.  And, Merlin’s first devastating loss … the death of his childhood friend, William.

Moment of Truth.5

Moment of Truth.4  Moment of Truth.
The Labyrinth of Gedref … provides opportunities for Arthur to learn humility … and finally begin to accept responsibility for a rash act.
Gedref.4   Gedref.1
Le mort d’Arthur:    We see Merlin’s sense of duty to fulfill his destiny even if it means giving his life for Arthur.  Merlin’s gentle and heart-felt assurance to his mother that he will cure her … that the gods will look after him and he will see her again.  (beautifully done with tenderness and love.)  Merlin’s angry estrangement from Kilgharrah, and  Gaius’ brave attempt to save his beloved foster son.

Thus ends Season I.  We are enchanted.

 enchanted land

3 comments on “Returning to Merlin S01

  1. Twosocks says:

    Good Sunday morning! Spent yesterday with DD eating pizza, drinking wine and watching Merlin episodes. Nice day!

    Wonderful fan art. Especially the unicorn one. Wouldn’t mind having a poster of that one.

    All great episodes. We see not just Merlin’s devotion but Arthur’s too. He sometimes makes mistakes, but never hesitates in his devotion to Camelot. And in the case of Moment, just people who need help. He would never want to let on, but he cares about his servant, too.


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