25 years later …

Colin at 5




2 comments on “25 years later …

  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d care to
    find out more details.

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    • Hello, and welcome. The first picture is Colin Morgan as a child of approximately 5 years. To my knowledge, there have been only 2 pictures of Colin as a child made public … this one and one of him in a halloween costume as Frankenstein. The second picture is a shot from the film “Waiting for You”, which was filmed in France in 2016 and is now awaiting a distributor. We are all hopeful it will be released by mid-year.

      If you are on the web-site, you will find a listing at the far right titled Topics. Under that listing there is a group of postings titled, Time Travel. This group includes posts on Colin’s early years, as well as his time at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama which he attended to complete his formal education. There is another group titled, “The Stage”, which covers Colin’s early work on the London Stage, for which he was given much praise as a young actor.

      This site is intended to follow Colin’s career and give anyone interested a look at his work and accomplishments. I hope it is easy to navigate and that you will find much information to inform you of his work, his ethic, and the reasons he has enchanted so many.
      My best to you … visit often. Suntse


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